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Based in the Mediterranean island of Cyprus, SYNTHESIS is a pioneering organisation which promotes social inclusion, equal opportunities ands social entrepreneurship across the island and implements projects of positive social change. In promoting equality and diversity across the divided country we contribute to peace and reconciliation by working across the “buffer zone” with both Greek and Turkish Cypriots. Social entrepreneurship is key to our philosophy as an organisation and we believe that "social entrepreneurship makes people better by contributing to the development of tolerance, understanding, empathy, and caring for others,” thereby leaving the seeds of racism and xenophobia to dry out. SYNTHESIS runs the award-winning “Hub Nicosia” near the capital’s buffer zone offering space, networking opportunities and support services to young entrepreneurs from both Greek and Turkish communities. The co-working hub has received the Stelios Award for Business Cooperation in Cyprus 2013. Hub Nicosia serves as an instrument of peace building, cooperation, and a tool against the rising nationalism and radicalization on the island. SYNTHESIS are also a training provider. Our training aims to inspire and empower people, with a particular focus on youth who are the future for Cyprus. We pay special attention to learning for personal growth and view life-long learning as a natural element of a person's life. We also offer customized training programmes for aspiring young entrepreneurs, small business owners, teachers, and policy makers.

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