Transnational Training Event

C1 Short-term joint staff training event

All partners will send appropriate and affiliated VET professionals to this event. As the training will be delivered in English all partners will ensure that those selected to attend have excellent English language skills. While the in-service training could, and will in future, be delivered in a local setting it is clear to partners that they need to take advantage of the opportunity that ERASMUS+ provides to bring a small group of professionals together to share experiences, learn from each other and develop positive working relationships for the future.

The result of the XCAPE transnational training event will be the establishing of a transnational group of like minded education professionals who will support each other and further develop their working relationships into the future.

The in-service training programme will comprise a total of 60 hours of learning broken down into 3 different phases.

This training event is planned to be held in Iceland in December 2020.